A personal blog about all things loved by me, Steph(ilia). As mechanical engineering student with a current interest in materials engineering, I love math and science. I am also a part-time tutor. My favorite shows are NCIS, Homeland, and 24. My most consuming ship is NCIS' Tony & Ziva, aka Tiva. I also was a big fan of The X-Files, so occasionally I discuss that.


So, it’s the last week for summer classes for me, but I feel like I’m being swallowed alive. I have a 5- 6 page paper due Monday afternoon. But, because I’m working (math tutor at the college) from 8 to 2, I have to finish it Sunday night. I’m pretty sure I can handle getting it done. I’m hoping I finish it by 6pm tomorrow, so that I can start studying for the final, which is on Thursday. Again, I’m working everyday, so only time I have is evenings after class to study. It’s going to be tight. I know I shouldn’t be that worried considering I have a high A right now, but it never fails. I probably can get a B on the final and still ace the class, as long as this term paper is well written.

So, taking western humanities this summer. I’ve got tons of reading to do. Thankfully, I find the material interesting. First midterm is a week from tomorrow. I’m having to do most of my studying Friday through Sunday due to work during the week. Although I’m a little tired, I love being active and productive.

After procrastinating all week, I’m finally getting some work done. I’m just about done with this matlab assignment.


never ever ship something on a cbs show because you will get heartbroken and die

I am so exhausted.

My dad is going to be retiring in april. He may do part time work next year, depending on finances and if he is still physically up to working.

I have engineering/matlab homework but I’m too tired to deal with it. So I’m going to bed now and waking up very early to tackle it.


Update: Still bitter over NCIS.

Forecast: Not becoming less bitter over NCIS anytime soon.

I should have started this assignment last night! 1 more hour then I’m getting some sleep. I’ll just wake up at 5am if I’m not done. I’ll have 2 hours before class if necessary.